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Wildlife farming is a new e-commerce platform dedicated to equipment for habitat management.  Our dedication is to the development of wildlife habitat along with conservation on hunting and recreational property.

Wildlife Farming is a division of ACI Distributors located in St. Charles, Missouri.    ACI Distributors is a full service farm equipment distributor since 1987.   Equipment used for wildlife farming has its roots in agriculture.   ACI has 32 years of knowledge in distribution, sales and support of agriculture equipment.  The advantage is a retail dealer network, which ACI has over 1000 independently owned farm equipment dealers which whom they do with business today.

Wildlifefarming.com is not your normal web site where you order something it is shipped and you have no support.  Through wildlifefarming.com you will have the convenience of on-line shopping and ordering, the advantage is everything will be shipped and delivered to your local dealer.   Wildlifefarming.com will take a deposit, ship the product to your local dealer who will finalize your transaction locally.   The local retail equipment dealer will provide product training and support as well as final assembly and delivered if required.

Our team at wildlifefarming.com and ACI have grown up in the agricultural equipment business but have a real passion for the outdoors.   We are excited to provide this web site dedicated to our passion for wildlife farming, the outdoors and conservation.

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Wildlife Farming products are not available for purchase in all regions.

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I'm sorry, Wildlife Farming products are not currently available for purchase in your region. All equipment is delivered to an extensive dealer network for pickup. Of course, you can still browse our catalog. For any questions or comments, please use our handy contact form.